Schedule Change Request Procedures for 2021-2022

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“Schedule Change Request”.  The School Counselors will be in the KHS Media Center on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, from 7:00 AM – 2:00PM.  Please direct only students that are missing a specific class period to the media center at the time of their class period vacancy.   All other request for schedule changes is required to follow the following procedures:


To submit a request to change your schedule:

  1. Complete the electronic “Schedule Change Request Form.” The form can be found in Schoology -KHS Student Services and QR Codes posted (Campus wide).
  2.  Only requests submitted on the form will be considered. Sending an email without a Schedule Change Request Form will not suffice as requesting a schedule change.
  3. School Counselors will begin reviewing requests and making schedule changes on April 10th. All requests MUST be submitted by Wednesday, August 20, 2021, at 2:30 PM